Sebastien Clamorgan

Sebastien Clamorgan

Biografia Executive Manager

Sebastien Clamorgan
Founder and owner
Venia International
Consulenza Aziendale, Attuariale, Economica, Finanziaria


Sebastien Clamorgan is the founder and owner of Venia International, a global consulting and investment firm which particularly focuses on opening the gateways to Africa and the Middle East. With more than 25 years of experience as a businessman and entrepreneur, he is an expert in consultancy and representation of multinationals, private equity, shipping & logistics to infrastructure, food & beverage, and real estate.
Over the years, Venia International carried out a wide range of projects across several business sectors, thus becoming a reference point in the Middle East and North Africa region. By providing crucial insights into markets, and by means of its wide regional know-how, in fact, the global consulting and investment firm allowed opening the doors to companies' successful market entry.
As part of its services, Venia International is capable of offering corporations local content to ensure that they are aware of and comply with the regulatory frameworks (such as relevant policies and regulations) of the countries where companies do their business. Furthermore, the firm supports its partners in developing strategic planning processes and growth roadmaps, as well as in providing advice on the most viable approach for successful and profitable businesses. As a consequence of all of this, it is no coincidence that Sebastien Clamorgan's firm represents now the handpicked partner of choice for companies which aim at capitalizing on the business opportunities available throughout the MENA markets and beyond.
Following the strong economic expansion experienced by Venia International, the firm is keeping on launching projects and building joint ventures with companies operating in the fields of food and beverage, oil & gas, logistics and shipping. Nowadays, in fact, the support given to develop new companies plays an increasingly relevant role in the MENA region, and, as a result of the investments made, the company founded by Sebastien Clamorgan currently boasts over 3000 employees.



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